posted by: Debi G. March 24, 2009


A fantastic sandwich — especially on a gloomy spring day. This place brings a bit of spring to everyone’s life…


We like It.

Go Debi.



Sloppy Jo’s is one of my favorite restaurants! Go Jo!

Jonny Ozburn

It’s our favorite lunch spot. My kids cheer every time I say we are going to Sloppy Joe’s

The Glickmans

I love this place… I eat lunch there twice a week. I love their etch-a-sketch’s and their iPod jukebox - The Dockit-&-Rockit. They have a fun website, too…



A neighborhood gem, favorite with adults and kids alike.


We love Sloppy Jo’s! The whole family loves the home cooked taste and that everything used is easy on the environment.

Joan V

Great neighborhood place for a homemade treat served with a smile!


Sloppy Jo’s is the perfect place for great food in a warm, community setting…We love you!

Barbara Cabin

We love Sloppy Joe’s - great food & all their plates and stuff is biodegradeable! Big plus for that.

Celeste B

Cheesy Sloppy Jo is my Grand daughter’s favorite!
Mine too! A GREAT place, Sloppy Jo’s.


A true gem, fantastic food, great staff, and eco-friendly. Sloppy, You Rock!


This place should be the 3 Buck Bites mascot, as I don’t think a single thing on the menu is over $3.99.

We love this little neighborhood gem… Go Jo !!!

Sloppy Jo’s Lunchroom


Just the right amount of sloppy to the jo… with a hint of cheese and cracker. The girl behind the counter is cute too.

Me and the band all love this place. Nothing like a Sloppy Jo before I get on stage. We are adding a DOZEN Sloppy Jos to our tour rider!

See ya at Soldier Field…


Cheesy Sloppy Jo is my FAVORITE menu item - worth the trip from downtown Chicago! Sloppy’s Frito Pie is my second favorite, also worth the trip! Well, everything about Sloppy Jo’s Lunchroom is worth the trip,from anywhere!

Aunt Sue

Great food, great chick
We always stop there,

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Like It!
Cheesy Sloppy Jo
Sloppy Jo's Lunchroom
Highland Park, IL
This big and tasty Cheesy Sloppy Jo is pure delicious comfort food. A great hollowed roll lined with melted cheddar, then filled with a sweet but tangy sloppy mix and topped off with a crunchy butter cracker. The all-important meat to bread ratio is spot on and it's served with a generous side of sweet pickles.
Debi G.
Guest Biter

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