Become a Dictator

Are you a food admirer or blogger who’s constantly on the hunt for the best culinary finds? Does the term “food porn” dominate your bookmarks? Well, then you might be eligible to become a 3 Buck Bites Dictator.

Our Dictators look for not only good food deals but also cheap bites that are a cut above the typical fast food fare. Their ideal bites are interesting, exceptional and a great treat for the price range. Times are tough, but a discerning palette has to stay distinguished! Dictators get featured as the culinary whiz kids that they are with prominent exposure throughout the 3 Buck Bites site and links back to their blogs. They also have the chance to be included in 3 Buck Bites and Citysearch feature stories; get booked for local and national media appearances; and attend exclusive contributor parties, concerts, sales and tastings.

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