Submission Guidelines

Submitting to 3 Buck Bites
3 Buck Bites is the go-to guide and lookbook for food lovers who crave cheap eats while satisfying their visual pleasures. Frugal foodies unite for a common goal: scour local neighborhood restaurants across the country to find and photograph culinary delights under $3.99. Send us your shots and thoughts, and see if your cheap eat makes our food porn paradise!

Surviving the Chopping Block
The bites that appear on our site are picked by a team of esteemed foodies, professional eaters and full-time culinary admirers — 3 Buck “Dictators,” as we ever so lovingly call them — who look for not only good food deals but also cheap bites that are a cut above the typical fast food fare. Their ideal bites are interesting, exceptional and a great treat for the price range. Times are tough, but a discerning palette has to stay distinguished!

Taking the Photos
Here are some insider tips and tricks to submitting your own finds to 3 Buck Bites:

• Direct light is your friend: Everything looks great when bathed in the soft glow of the sun, a 40-watt bulb or even the light from your phone!

• Steady wins the race: In low light conditions, keep a steady hand to offset any shaking from slow camera shutters. Or, better yet, position the camera on the table.

• It’s all about the bites, baby: Clear off any crumbs and remove any distractions from the shot.

• Get up close & personal: Frame the food so that it is the delectable center of attention. Zoom in as much as you can while keeping the bite in focus, and try several angles.

•Bonus points: Why not also submit an interior and/or exterior photo of the restaurant location?

Submitting Your Pics:
You can find our lovely submission form at

• Submissions must be at least 350 pixels wide and tall.

• We want to see every flaky crumb and gooey pixel: High quality images are a plus.

• Don’t forget to jot down these vital stats: the restaurant where you snagged this bite, the name of your food find as it appears on the menu, and the city / neighborhood where you found it. We’ll need those.

• Write a compelling description of the food. Tell us in 60-100 words why your bite is so delectable and blog-worthy.

• Fill out the form with your images & comments attached. If our Dictators select your food find, we’ll notify you via an email filled with mirth and joy. Hooray!

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