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Does the idea of a $3 kobe beef slider send you into culinary bliss? Do you know where to find the best and cheapest duck confit taco in town? If all of the above sounds like an average dining experience, then 3 Buck Bites is the place for you!

3 Buck Bites is the go-to guide and lookbook for food lovers who crave cheap eats while satisfying their visual pleasures. Frugal foodies unite for a common goal: scour local neighborhood restaurants across the country to find and photograph culinary delights under $3.99. Send us your shots and thoughts, and see if your cheap eat makes our food porn paradise! The bites that appear on our site are picked by a team of esteemed foodies, professional eaters and full-time culinary admirers like you — 3 Buck “Dictators,” as we ever so lovingly call them — who look for not only good food deals but also cheap bites that are a cut above the typical fast food fare. Their ideal bites are interesting, exceptional and a great treat for the price range. Times are tough, but a discerning palate has to stay distinguished!

Think you’ve got the chops to join the Dictator ranks below? Apply here. Also, 5 entries on our site will move you up the culinary ladder and into Dictator status. So, what are you waiting for? Get to noshing!

The Dictators

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