posted by: Christine L. March 18, 2009

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Hot Dates
$2.00 each
UpStairs on the Square
Cambridge, MA
There’s always potential for schmoozing with a hot date at the Monday Club Bar, but I bet no human-types would ever come close to the bacon-wrapped bliss as these pretties. Although $2 snags you but a singleton, each Marcona almond-stuffed date wrapped with warm, crisp bacon parades as practically a future-food capsule of crammed flavor and calorie density. It takes great strength to stop at one, however, but no one would look askance if you kept under your $3 budget, with outstretched fingers towards that one perfectly plated date. It’s been a while since the last salt-sweet-fat orgy, so let your tongue get a little cah-razy.
Christine Liu
Citysearch Boston
Citysearch Boston

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