posted by: Jeff Z. March 13, 2009


The Banh Mi Sandwiches at Saigon are our go to place for a quick cheap and fun lunch or travel food on a roadtrip out of the city. Besides the sandwiches, the shop sells all sorts of fun premade salads and summer rolls all under $5.

The quality has actually improved in the past year since new owners took over. Great Value and quite tasty.

Try the various types and don’t be afraid to ask for it spicy, they put in slices of fresh jalapeno on request.

18 Like It!
Like It!
Pork Banh Mi
Saigon Banh Mi
New York, NY
This authentic banh mi is probably the cheapest you're going to get. The bread is fresh, and there is a generous layer of pork, paired with a good showing of sliced carrots, daikon radish, jalapeño and cilantro. This sandwich is a NY classic.
Jeff Zalaznick
Always Hungry NY
Always Hungry NY

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