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Truffle Popcorn $3.00
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Like It!
posted by: Erin C.
March 12, 2009
NeighborhoodSan Diego, CA
Regular ol’ bag of popcorn you say? Nope, not even close. And if someone would finally crack that smell-o-vision nut, you’d all be able to ...more
Erin Chambers
Citysearch San Diego
Citysearch San Diego
Chocolate Covered Bacon $1.00
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posted by: Keith W.
March 10, 2009
Ronie-Sue's ChocolatesNew York, NY
Roni-Sue’s owner Rhonda Kave is an expert at creating unconventional confections, and her "Pig Candy" just might be her finest creation yet. ...more
Keith Wagstaff
Citysearch New York
Citysearch New York
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