posted by: Gina G. March 10, 2009

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Green Pork Tamale
All Star Tamales
Pittsburg, CA
I love tamales for many reasons, but perhaps the most compelling is the appeal of unwrapping them from their banana leaves like little gifts of deliciousness. This tamale catering company sets up stands at farmers markets all over the Bay Area, including the Heart of the City market at the UN Plaza on Wednesdays and Alemany on Saturdays. One is entirely sufficient as a hefty snack or light lunch and, at $2.75 a pop (or $5 for two), it’s a great value. Veggie options, like cheese and spinach or sweet corn, are available but the pork varieties are my favorite. The green pork version, pictured here, is a generous corn masa casing packed with red tomatoes, green pasilla tomatoes, salsa and spiced pork.

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