posted by: YoungandBroke March 26, 2009

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Beef Fajita & Pinto Tacos
Freshco Burrito Taco
New York, NY
This Tex/Mex spot may have Chinese art hanging on the walls to honor the owner's native lands and a name that is inconsistent from food review sites to storefront (Menupages calls it Happy Burrito Taco while Urbanspoon, Yelp and the sign outside it reads: Freshco Burrito Taco) but whatev. All I know is everything on this cheapa*s menu is under $6.69....including dishes with shrimp and eel. Most of this extensive Tex/Mex menu is priced between $1.50-$3 per item (FYI: the black bean and cheese quesadilla is pretty awesome too). You would find it a huge challenge to spend over $8 here and not walk out completely stuffed wondering why you had to order that third quesadilla...oh, and they just now started serving up free unlimited pearl tea that seems to go surprisingly well with Tex/Mex....who knew right? How 'bout a 'lil naan bread as a starter and baklava for dessert?
Carmen da Silva
Young & Broke

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