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[...] 3 Buck Bites: Corned Beef Hash at The Stage Restaurant [...]

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Corned Beef Hash
Stage Restaurant
New York, NY
Directly across the street from the Gem Spa is the equally ancient Stage Restaurant, a tiny Polish diner from a period postdating the gem spa. Unlike the Gem Spa, the Stage is completely preserved: The prices are from the '70s, and the corned beef hash made in the premodern way, from actual corned beef. You have them brown it up in front of you and serve it in a saucer that belongs in a museum of American Food Folkways. It's salty and soft, but textured and real in a way that its cat food-like simulacrum in a can could never be. It is to regular corned beef has what the Stage is in relation to a Scranton Shoney's.
Josh Ozersky
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