posted by: Carmen D. March 27, 2009

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Pepe Verde
New York, NY
This perfectly toasted bruschetta appetizer topped with fresh tomatoes, basil and olive oil rang it at $3.95 and was big enough to share or fill the stomach of a foodie with a simple snack craving (of which I get many). The real find here, however, is this home-away-from-home cozy cafe serving up tasty Italian fare with two locations tucked into the cutest corners of overpriced Soho and the West Village. Despite the primo locals (ie. high-rent) of these eateries, they have somehow managed to keep their pasta dishes at recession prices for YEARS (ie. $7-10/plate for both lunch and dinner AND a great $8.95 lunch special that includes soup or salad with a pasta dish or a panini). FYI: I have recently heard tell of a $12 pre-fixe dinner on Mondays and fully intend to investigate this further!
Carmen da Silva
Young & Broke

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