posted by: Gina G. March 16, 2009

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Egg Salad Sandwich
Ted's Market
San Francisco, CA
Anyone who has ever been to this little deli off the beaten path of SoMa has probably wondered how on earth the owners manage to pay the bills with prices so cheap and portions so large. (Closer inspection--i.e. the long line at lunchtime--reveals that it’s clearly a volume business.) Chalkboards advertise a slew of specialty sandwiches, salads and daily special hot dishes, like mac 'n' cheese and lasagna, but the most jaw-dropping deal on the menu is the ginormous egg salad sandwich for $3.75. It comes on your choice of fresh bread or roll and includes all the veggies you could ask for. The egg filling itself is perfectly salted, not too mayonnaise-y and plentiful.

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