posted by: Mickey P. March 10, 2009


God bless the Chicago dog! This is probably my favorite guilty pleasure in all of the world. No kidding. Hog Doug’s and The Pete Shelly (who doesn’t love a dish with a human name!) are the reason I have a gym membership. The fact that this beauty is only $2.75 is also the reason why I can have a savings account, too. This site is genius. Is it lunch-time yet?


Ever fallen in love with [a hotdog] you shouldn’t have fallen in love with?

I’m visiting Chicago now and just had this dog the other day! Love that they don’t leave the vegetarians out… and the tater tots are awesome, too!

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The Pete Shelley
Hot Doug's
Chicago, IL
Hot Doug’s slogan is “There’s nothing finer than the words ‘encased meat,’ my friend.” Well, Doug, I’ve found it, and that ‘it’ would be encased un-meat. You would never notice the difference between Hot Doug’s faux brat and the real deal. This legendary joint serves up outlandish combos such as spicy smoked alligator sausage, but they also have a mean veggie dog with all the standard Chicago fixings (pickle, tomato, mustard, neon green relish) and sautéed onions. Trust me -- this robust, smoky vegetarian dog will satisfy even the most stringent carnivores.
Mickey P.
Guest Biter

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