posted by: Jonathan B. March 9, 2009


The Varsity is not good and anyone whoever says otherwise has never had a good meal in their life. And a $1.85 is overpriced for the quality you get there. Go to IKEA in Atlantic Station and grab yourself a better quality hot dog for $0.50 each. There might not be any chili, but it’s a better dog and well worth it’s price.


Nope. Way overpriced. How can you put this on cheap eats? Yea you can get a tiny ass chili dog for 1.85, but if you aren’t a bird, that’s nowhere near enough to fill you. The Varsity is good as a pre-gameday experience and that’s all.


I have no clue where the hate on the Varsity is coming from!
It is an excellent hot dog, yeah you may get a cheaper dog at Ikea but I’d much rather have one at the Varsity.
Chilli: mmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Dog: mmmmmmmmmm!
Maybe some mustard and onions: MMMMMMMMMM!
Less than two dollars to have Atlanta culture everywhere you look, you must go when you come to town, What’a ya have!!

The Zodiak

If you ever come to Atlanta for more than a few days, yes go check out the Varsity. If you’re hard pressed for time or value your money, stay away! The Varsity serves food that’s disgusting at worst and overpriced at best. I’ve lived in Atlanta for 15 years now and there are plenty of much better and cheaper eats in the downtown area!

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Chili Dog
Atlanta, GA
People, the beauty of the Varsity is that it’s supposed to be a greasy, captivating experience. So you healthier-than-though probably won’t enjoy this drive-in icon, unique for its funny ordering language, colorful carhops and the world’s best onion rings. Fast foodies, read on! While the rings and pimento cheese burgers all go down smooth, you can snag two chili dogs for under 4 bucks, at $1.85 per. Dogs are on the smaller size and are shaped like you see in old movies. The chili is all meat, no beans. Think of these pups this way: Varsity dogs are like the equivalent of ugly-sexy--like Steven Tyler--who looks worn to shreds but is somehow hot. It’s delicious in a dirty way.
Jonathan Baker
Citysearch Atlanta

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