posted by: Keith W. March 10, 2009


This sounds amazing! Does it get better than bacon AND chocolate?


[...] out the new cheap eats site, 3 Buck Bites, a new endeavor of Citysearch, when it caught my eye: chocolate-covered bacon at Ronie-Sue’s Bakery in lower Manhattan, which costs a mere [...]

[...] this lil’ fella, but I couldn’t resist bringing it back into the spotlight. It’s Roni-Sue’s Pig Candy, aka chocolate-covered bacon ($1 per piece). The owner of Roni-Sue’s, Rhonda Kave, is about [...]

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Chocolate Covered Bacon
Ronie-Sue's Chocolates
New York, NY
Roni-Sue’s owner Rhonda Kave is an expert at creating unconventional confections, and her "Pig Candy" just might be her finest creation yet. The whole process of making it is confined within the walls of the Essex Street Market: the bacon is purchased at nearby butcher shop Jeffrey’s, then fried by the world-famous Kenny Shopsin at Shopsin’s and finally smothered in chocolate by Rhonda. Delicious, yes. Healthy…Well, what’s a few years off your life anyway?
Keith Wagstaff
Citysearch New York
Citysearch New York

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