posted by: Christine L. March 12, 2009

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Gaufre de Liege
Mr. Crepe
Somerville, MA
Shellacked, honeyed, crunchy-crispy-chewy, caramelized, waffled darling with high snarf appeal. Only available during the cold months (annually limited-edition and in-demand!), the Gaufre de Liege is a study on sugar and texture, with golden edges rising to focal ridges of blackened burnt sugar. The Mr. Crepe crew will heat it for you to order, a weep-worthy courtesy. Consider the versatile, yeasty, pearl-sugared treat, fortifying for all ages at all hours: Invigorating breakfast with coffee, a sweet snack with milk and a downright dastardly dessert paired with a dark Belgian bock (theoretically—no beer served here, sadly). Snag them before they hibernate until next winter—it’s only your pastry-otic duty.
Christine Liu
Citysearch Boston
Citysearch Boston

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